Intro to Swagger

Our beliefs and expectations shape the world around us.

Have you ever believed in something so strongly that it came true? Was it something you hoped for, or something that you feared? More often than not, I see people fixating on their fears and in turn allowing those fears become a reality.

How would your life be different if you had no fear? Imagine not caring what people thought about you. Imagine what you could accomplish if you weren’t held back by your own fear of failure. Imagine being unashamed, unapologetic, and happy with the person you are.

If the above statements sum up a day in your life, then you probably have swagger.

The results of swagger vary from person to person. Swag is more of an attitude than any specific action. Equipped with a positive mindset, you are free from inhibiting thoughts and fears that serve only to stop you from taking chances and being your true self. It’s so important not to judge yourself, because usually these internal judgements are not how you feel but rather how you think society will judge you. Once you clear all of those negative thoughts from your head, you will have a clear mind that is more ready to act upon your creative passions.Image

No two swaggers are identical. Each individual has a unique combination of: experiences, knowledge, skills and passions. This is something to be celebrated, not downplayed. That is why two genuine expressions of self will never look the alike. You might snowboard, play music, read books, or make inventions. Any and all of these things are good if, and only if, they are a result of your own creative passions, not somebody else’s.

Here’s what swag ISN’T. Wearing designer clothes, driving luxury cars, or listening to rapper-endorsed headphones. These are generally things we obsess over, in hopes that these things can give us the feel-good sensations we should be producing on our own.

Another thought trap to avoid, is trying to copy somebody else’s swag.

My friend Mike is a natural musician and singer. He embraces that because it is his deepest passion, and since his actions are in alliance with his passions, his result is swag! He is at an elevated level whenever picks up a guitar or takes the mic.  Onlookers wish they could feel this sensation, but they analyze his swag out of context! His musical expertise is not the source of his swag, but rather a result of his swag. I tried and failed many times to copy him, but in truth, Mike is the best person in the world at being Mike. The same is true for me, and for you.  It was removing myself from this competition that enabled me to move on and discover my own creativity.

Since my philosophy on swag was inspired by the many life lessons in STAR WARS, I would like to look back to a scene from Empire Strikes Back. Swagger-master Han Solo is piloting his ship through an asteroid field as he flees from imperial TIE fighters. The worrisome C3PO  drops his famous line:

“Sir, the probability of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one!”

Han doesn’t let that bother him. He drowns out C3PO’s fretting to focus on the one task at hand (and survives of course)! Which do you prefer, focusing on 1 thing that you do want, or 3,720 irrelevant things that you don’t? When dealing with inner doubts, people who don’t believe in you, or statistics that look discouraging, dismiss your inner C3PO with Han’s famous response,

“Never tell me the odds.”


Swagger isn’t just for rappers. We all have the swag deep within us. But here’s the catch, one size does not fit all. Swagger is custom tailored to each individual who is willing to confidently embrace their natural qualities.




About Jamie Skate

I'm observant of the world around me and always looking for inspiration. I like to highlight positivity in my "ayesmansmind" blog. "The Effective Citizen" is mostly for activism related stuff. I want to share my journey as I grow (hopefully!) from one frustrated citizen, into an effective activist who changes the world.
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